from Mike Taylor, MD, Musgrave Budgens Londis
Sir; We welcome the announcement by the Office of Fair Trading that the grocery market is to be referred to the Competition Commission.
The Association of Convenience Stores - of which MBL is an active member - has been the driving force in bringing about this decision and David Rae and his team are to be congratulated.
They have consistently highlighted the issues that concern independent retailers and that need to be addressed in order for the vitality of the retail sector to be maintained. Independent retailers form an essential part of our society, bringing passion, flair and variety to the communities and industries in which they operate. In this competitive market, MBL has developed a highly successful formula, combining the strengths of the local independent operator with our own central support and resources.
We firmly believe that if the issues are appropriately addressed by the Competition Commission, it will be to the long-term benefit of both communities and consumers.