Musgrave Budgens Londis plans to have transformed its supply chain by 2008 so that it can provide independents with the best multi-temperature supply chain in the business, said logistics boss Mark Aylwin.
Rather than developing facilities from scratch, MBL will build on its existing network of four depots. A key change will be boosting the offer at the three former Londis depots, which are predominantly ambient.
“We want to replicate the Budgens offer right across the country,” said Aylwin, MBL’s supply chain director. He added that while the 2008 date sounded ambitious, “there’s a great fit across our network so it’s not as challenging as it could be for other organisations to bring the two together”.
He said that changes would be made at a pace that suited retailers - to minimise disruption from the process of scaling up its multi-temperature operations.
Aylwin said his priorities since joining MBL had been to boost pick accuracy, availability and service levels for retailers.