Tesco hopes to make it easier and cheaper for suppliers to advertise across its range of media with the launch this week of Tesco Media Services.
A brochure detailing the retailer’s 18 media opportunities is being sent to its top 300 suppliers. Marketing director Tim Mason said the integrated service was being introduced in response to feedback from suppliers about the complexity they experienced in planning and organising a cross-Tesco media campaign.
“Supermarket media can effectively bridge the gap between traditional advertising and sales. We believe this offers a better, simpler, cheaper way to organise a highly effective advertising campaign,” he said. “No other supermarket offers the breadth of opportunities offered by the combined instore, out of store and at home media currently provided by Tesco.”
Tesco revenue generating manager Bill Pennell said advertisers would still be able to deal directly with the third-party agencies responsible for selling each individual media, such as JCDecaux for Tesco TV and 6 and 48-sheets, The Media Vehicle for trolleys and floor posters and Agripa for lorries.
However, Tesco Media Services could act as a single point, helping suppliers decide which media to use, providing post-campaign analysis and saving time - at no extra cost.
“This will facilitate the process,” said Pennell. “We can book campaigns with our media partners and help in negotiation and volume deals.”
Siân Harrington