This is the Roller, Somerfield's new basket-cum-trolley, which proved so popular at a store in Bristol last month that all 100 being used in a trial were stolen by sticky-fingered customers.

The new supersize basket can be carried around like a traditional basket, but if the load gets too heavy, can be placed on the floor and the handles extended to turn it into small trolley.

The chain has decided to roll thousands of them out to all 900 of its stores - though it will fit security tags in a bid to stop shoppers stealing them.

However, the chain is also considering offering them for sale to shoppers. "It's really the modern-day equivalent of the tartan trolley," said Pete Williams, Somerfield's head of press and PR.

n Somerfield is running its first television advertising campaign since December 2005. The ads, launched this week, were designed to position the retailer as 'Britain's favourite local grocer shop', the company said. The first execution will feature a mother shopping for tea with her two sons.