Nisa-Today’s has launched two new ranges under its Heritage banner to help independents in their battle with the multiples.

It claims Heritage Select and Heritage Healthy Choice will give independents the opportunity to compete effectively in the chilled luxury, gourmet and health arenas.

The Select collection totals 31 chilled lines and includes six upmarket ready meals such as Lamb Cutlets in Rosemary Sauce and Duck à l’Orange, all retailing from £3.99 to £4.99. New fresh produce lines include Shiitake and Oyster Mushrooms. Other lines include speciality cheeses, sausages, cooked meats and ‘tear & share’ bread.

The 16-strong chilled Healthy Choice portfolio offers nutritionally balanced products with fat and calorie content clearly labelled.

Five main meals range from £1.69 and £2.89, while the range also includes half-fat cheeses, coleslaw, bacon and salads.

John Sharpe, MD of central distribution, said the Select sub-brand aimed to capitalise on 82% growth in the luxury market, while Healthy Choice targeted the 25% growth potential of the healthy sector.

Extensions for both ranges are planned for later in the year.