Anyway, it seems the canny folk in York paid just £900 to attach the Costcutter logo to Michel Kratochvil's shirt ­ repaid handsomely by Kratochvil's five-set thriller with Tim Henman which was seen by 13.1 million people. Experts in the marketing world are now hailing the tie-up as the bargain sports sponsorship deal of the year. And the deal was pretty pertinent to the Marketing Society seminar this week: Marketing in Wealth Creation. Persuading the finance director that your wacky idea will translate into hard cash will be far easier if you speak his language, said Tesco International Finance director Liz Doherty. First, check your acronyms in the post-Enron, post-Worldcom world of finance. For CEO, said Doherty, read Chief Embezzlement Officer. EPS? Eventual Prison Sentence. Orange marketing supremo Alex Batchelor spoke some words of wisdom about the usefulness of EBITDA as a measure of financial performance: "It's bollocks." Think about it, said Batchelor. How many people don't borrow money, pay tax, or own depreciating assets? Something that wasn't going down in value this week was Cadbury Schweppes, and as it posted stonking figures, CEO John Sunderland delivered a complement to this humble mag. Answering press questions, he said he wasn't going to mention UK product launches to an "august publication" like The Grocer as it would tip off competitors. {{COUNTERPOINT }}