You might think arty and/or farty types would shop at Waitrose or Whole Foods Market when nipping out from their South Bank attic apartments for supplies, between shots of absinthe.

But Morrisons has scored a cultural coup thanks to achingly hip artist Ceal Floyer, whose masterpiece Monochrome Till Receipt (White) depicts a monochrome till receipt (that's white).

It's from Morrisons, features about 40 items - all of them white, including yoghurt, soap, mozzarella cheese and chewing gum - and totals £72.30.

That sum, coincidentally, is the exact average cost of a Grocer 33 basket over the past 14 years. (Actually, Blogof didn't check. In fact, it almost certainly isn't.)

Floyer crafted the epic piece a decade ago, but it was recently bought by the Tate Modern for the bargain-bin sum of £30,000.

However, the artist may be out of step with supermarkets' recent efforts to cut waste, as she insists a new receipt is printed each time the piece is exhibited. Although that's presumably easier than having to re-paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel every single day, for instance.

Expect Morrisons to roll out a 'Fill your modern art gallery for a tenner' promotion some time soon.