Morrisons is understood to be introducing a clothing concession into one of its stores for the first time, in a tie-up with fashion retailer Peacocks.

The concession is set to be opened as part of a refurbishment at the retailer's store in Idle, Bradford. As well as being close to head office, it is also one of the largest stores in Morrisons' estate.

The move was "interesting", said one analyst, speculating that it could pave the way for Morrisons to work with others to offer a strong clothing range rather than trying to catch up with its supermarket rivals by creating its own ranges.

"Its not clear whether this is a trial or part of a bigger roll-out," he said. "But clearly there is a good fit between Morrisons and a value fashion retailer such as Peacocks."

A Morrisons spokeswoman said the Idle store was being refitted as part of an existing programme of store updates. She confirmed space had been identified for a concession, but said it had yet to be identified. The refit was due to be completed by early summer, she added

Peacocks opened its first concession in 2003 in a Somerfield in Weymouth.