Supermarket group Morrisons is reportedly facing a boardroom feud over the search for a new chief executive.

According to reports, the retailer's non-executive directors have threatened to resign if Sir Ken Morrison, chairman of Morrisons, does not recruit a replacement for outgoing CEO Bob Stott before the group's annual general meeting on May 25.

The non-execs reportedly want to recruit an external candidate to the role, but Sir Ken is keen to find an internal successor.

However, reports suggest that Sir Ken has agreed to accept external candidates for the role.

One insider said: “The worst that can be said is that the process has been too slow. Ken might have delayed things before Christmas, but that's not true now.”

Another added: “No one has threatened to resign, but the threat is hanging in the air.”

At the release of the group's full-year results last week, Morrisons refused to shed light on its search for a CEO. Sir Ken said that it had made good progress and that there were some talented people in the frame.