At £38.79, Morrisons had the cheapest of just two full baskets for The Grocer 33 this week. Asda in Plymouth not only checked in a full list for £38.88 but was best for customer care to win the store’s second Storewatch title in as many months.

Morrisons has now price-matched its fresh lean steak mince in line with its main rivals, reducing it from £4.18 to £3.04 per kilo, to knock 29p off its weekly basket price. The Grays store was tidy but “cluttered” with promotional displays and the checkout operator failed to greet or offer to pack.

Our shopper said staff at Asda in Plymouth “showed proof of their excellent training” to keep the jam-packed store running smoothly - no doubt buoyed by an HQ donation to the entertainment pot after July’s Storewatch winning performance.

No McCain Home Fries scuppered Tesco’s chance of the lowest priced basket so far this term. Budweiser was down to £2.74 and Aussie wine 20%-off, making Jacob’s Creek £3.14.Customer services at Sainsbury took 10 minutes to sort out an out of date Reward card being presented, which caused the customer behind “to lose it completely”.In Ripon, Safeway’s café was busy due to its ‘two for one’ meal deal. New potatoes continued to be a problem for the chain in NI where long queues formed as only six checkouts out of 17 were open. Asda in Bury had no eight-packs of Kit Kat. Somerfield in Crieff was untidy and shelves were “depleted”.