Morrisons’ store operations director Mark Gunter has blamed Safeway’s much-hyped ordering system for a large proportion of the retailer’s problems since it acquired the chain in March last year.
Gunter told The Grocer that it had proved far from robust. “I believed the hype about the IT system myself and was excited about using it. However, it quickly became clear that it would not stand up to integration.
“Safeway store managers who had been running stores for 20 years told me that they didn’t know what was coming in the next day.” He explained that the entire estate has now been converted to Morrisons’ own order pad system. “It may seem archaic, but it is very sophisticated. It’s the best way for us to get a clear picture of what’s available.
“It may not be sexy but it gives managers better ownership of what they need to get into their stores. “
Gunter also confirmed that the range and price harmonisation between Morrisons and Safeway stores had now been completed.