Morrisons has become the latest chain to try to win over ethical consumers with an own label green household cleaning range.

The Natural Clean & Fresh range, which follows similar moves by Sainsbury's and Tesco last month, includes washing-up liquid, toilet cleaner and multi-purpose spray, which are claimed to have minimum environmental impact.

The ingredients are derived from plant-based extracts and aren't tested on animals. The products contain no dyes, use a non-synthetic lemon fragrance and packaging is recyclable.

The range, which is priced from 79p for the washing-up liquid, will feature the Charter for Sustainable Cleaning logo. This certifies a manufacturer's commitment to sustainability.

"The move was part of Morrisons' overall commitment to greener initiatives," said buyer Tom Newcombe. "The recyclable packaging reflects our commitment to reduce the volume of waste to landfill by 50% by 2010 and it gives shoppers a greener choice of cleaning product."