Asda supplier Malet Azoulay UK has received its first consignment of Fairtrade lychees from Mozambique.
The Chinhamacungo Association, a group of small farmers, has been working towards Fairtrade Certification for more than two years, assisted by Katopé lychee farms in South Africa and the Fairtrade Foundation.
John Arnold of the Fairtrade Foundation said: “Our initial visits were sponsored by Comic Relief and this has played a major part in allowing these disadvantaged farmers to find a route to market.”
He added: “The Foundation is excited to see Mozambique, the world’s third-poorest country, returning to a stable agricultural base after years of civil war.”
Geoff Chappell of Malet Azoulay (UK) has worked with exporter Vanduzi and the Fairtrade Foundation in order to ensure accreditation was achieved in time for the start of this year’s southern hemisphere lychee season.
In 2005 the Katopé Springfield Farm gained Fairtrade certification for lychees. Fruit from South Africa will provide the continuation of Asda’s Fairtrade offer following on from the Mozambique season.