Budgens has taken on Asda, Safeway, Sainsbury and Tesco with a new "fair exchange promise". It will exchange products from the big four for Budgens alternatives, without asking to see a till receipt. Customers can bring in open and unopened foods on a variety of grounds including taste and quality. If there is no substitute available, Budgens will provide a replacement of similar value. Stephanie Rice, Budgens marketing director said Asda, Safeway, Sainsbury and Tesco had been singled out in the promotion as they have large out of town supermarkets in Budgens territory. She said: "We are hoping that our local customers will use the service to save themselves the time and trouble of going to an out of town supermarket to substitute something they do not like." The exchanges are at brand manager's discretion at each of Budgens' 128 supermarket format branches. The campaign will continue on an ongoing basis at all stores. Rice said: "We will dispose of the goods which are returned to us in the bin." {{NEWS }}