Supermarkets are launching an all-out assault on the post-Christmas dieting craze with major overhauls of own label ranges.
Waitrose has added 17 lines to its Perfectly Balanced range, making it its biggest sub-brand with 160 products. The move is backed by the retailer’s first use of interactive TV commercials. Viewers can e-mail nutritionists and request samples when they press the red button on remote controls.
Tesco has added 37 new lines to its Healthy Living range of more than 500 products, including 20 new ready meals. It has also launched bogofs across healthy foods as well as a ‘health zone’ microsite. A new online nutritional advice service is to be unveiled in the coming months.
Asda has introduced 16 new lines to its Good For You! range, making it a 53-strong sub-brand. Price promotions across the range include three for £5, two for £3 and money off until February 20.
M&S premiered its latest TV ad this week, which was focused on a clear health message. It uses the strapline ‘This is not just healthy food. This is M&S healthy food.’