Asda may be the jewel in Wal-Mart's crown, but it is still losing ground to Tesco, according to the latest market share figures from TNS Superpanel. Only Safeway and Morrison showed an increase on last month. Safeway pushed up from 9.9% in the four weeks to January 7 to 10.9% in the four weeks to February 4, and Morrison rose 0.3% to 5.4%. Some of Safeway's increase has been attributed to a more accurate method of collecting data introduced last month, but analysts still believed Safeway was back on course for growth. Tesco and Asda were the biggest losers, with Tesco slipping 1.4% to 24.6% and Asda going down 0.6% to 14.5%. But analysts said the rolling average for Tesco suggested it was growing sales by about 11.5% annually, increasing its lead over all its competitors. {{NEWS }}