Supermarkets are continuing to push health to the forefront of their strategies with Asda, Waitrose and Tesco outlining their commitment to clearer labelling and healthier ingredients.

Asda, which signed up to the Food Standards Agency's multiple traffic light labelling scheme along with Waitrose in March, has set out its timeline. It has begun holding customer focus groups on the front-of-pack model, and will start looking at pack designs from next month. It will begin putting the labels on products later this year, with a view to completing most by early next year.

Waitrose, in addition to the FSA model, is reformulating its own label ranges. It has removed all hydrogenated vegetable oil from its biscuit ranges. By May it will have done the same for its chilled ready meals and by June for its cold pies. Meanwhile, Tesco boss Sir Terry Leahy said he was sad that the move towards front-of-pack labelling had been overshadowed by the row over models.

Tesco ditched traffic light labels last year in favour of GDAs. Tesco had already put the labels on 2,500 product lines, he added, and would have its entire 7,000 own brand range redesigned with the labels by the end of the year.