Tesco's market share growth appears to be tapering off Asda overtakes JS in red meat Asda has overtaken Sainsbury in red meat sales volume, according to the latest source of household purchase estimates from Taylor Nelson Sofres published in MLC's Meat Demand Trends. The Leeds based multiple moves into second place behind Tesco in the league table for the year to July 25, after maintaining the strong growth trend, which has seen its market share grow by nearly half since 1996. Seasonal factors might make comparisons between the new figures and TNS estimates for the full 1998 year invalid as measures of the other multiples' performances, but Asda's latest gain appears decisive at a full percentage point while the Sainsbury share is slightly smaller than in the preceding two years and markedly weaker than in 1996. Tesco's market share growth appears to be tapering off, but Cheshunt is now into its second year of accounting for more than a fifth of all household red meat purchase volume. Its share is a third bigger than runner-up Asda's, whereas four years ago Tesco outsold the then second ranking Sainsbury by less than a sixth. Also among the new TNS estimates are hints of a small gain for Safeway after seeing its share stuck at 6.6% since the traumatic BSE hit 1996 trading year and a setback after a good run by Somerfield, where respected meat buying chief Charles Knight recently surprised the trade by taking early retirement. {{MEAT }}