Sainsbury tries out hot desking Logistics staff at Sainsbury's HQ are bidding farewell to traditional office comforts and entering the brave new world of hot desking'. They are guinea pigs for a system in which no-one ­ including directors ­ has their own permanent office space. The department in Stamford St, London, is being refitted to include a mix of informal seating areas, bar-style work tables, enclosed meeting rooms and quiet library' booths. There are a few PC-equipped desks for heavy computing work, but staff have been provided with high-powered laptops which they can plug into the Sainsbury network at any of the various workstations. Logistics director John Rowe said paper was also to be banned from the offices. A scanner will be installed so all paperwork can be stored electronically. "We'll be telling people that if they see paper lying on anyone's desk at the end of the day they can put it straight in the bin." Flexible hours are also being introduced, and staff can work off-site or at home provided they meet strict work targets. {{NEWS }}