A number of stores owned by the multiples remain closed following last week’s devastating riots.

The Co-operative Group said one of its stores, in New Addington near Croydon, had been “completely destroyed” by fire and would be rebuilt, although no timescale had been set. The store opened less than two years ago after a refit that cost more than £300,000.

It also revealed that a Somerfield in Croydon, also damaged in the riots, had been due to close at the end of the month so would not be reopening.

Aldi confirmed that its store in Tottenham, north London, remained closed. Dramatic images of the store engulfed in flames were printed and broadcast extensively by the media.

Two Tesco stores, in Croydon and Liverpool, are also yet to reopen. The retailer, which set up a 24-hour control room to coordinate its riot response, said it hoped they would reopen next week.

However, Tesco has come under fire for asking staff at its Salford Metro store, which closed early last week on the advice of the police, to make up lost hours.

“Staff were given a number of reasonable options to make up their hours,” Tesco confirmed. “We are discussing these options with staff on a case-by-case basis.”