Musgrave Retail Partners GB is investing £10m in supporting Budgens and Londis retailers this year.

Speaking at the wholesaler's annual Budgens and Londis conferences last week, Musgrave Retail Partners GB MD Phil Smith said the company would help steer retailers through the "challenging times" with a combination of price investment and margin improvement, as well as enhancing its overriding discount schemes.

As part of the investment, the wholesaler has increased the loyalty rebate for Budgens retailers to 1.75%. This will be paid quarterly, with a "better" payment day to improve cashflow.

Londis retailers will also have the opportunity to earn 2% extra on their Londis overriding discount scheme on purchases of alcohol, groceries and confectionery if they meet certain standards such as carrying Musgrave GB's 300 'must-stock' items and commit to refit their store to approved standards.

"We have a clear, consistent and competitive pricing policy that will allow our Budgens and Londis retail partners to compete effectively and profitably," said Smith. "We will be supporting retailers through improved data integrity, strengthened controls and improved margins."

The wholesaler has already launched a value range called Good Value across both fascias and is running a series of promotions under the title Beat the Crunch.