Musgrave Retail Partners GB is planning to recruit more forecourt retailers to its Budgens and Londis fascias this year.

The wholesaler recruited 50 forecourt retailers in 2009, including Penny Petroleum, Top Spot Services Group, Simon Smith Group and Symonds Group, with a similar number predicted for 2010.

"Budgens and Londis are traditionally perceived as convenience, supermarket and wholesale retailers," said Musgrave Retail Partners GB managing director Phil Smith. "Now there is a conscious shift to see Budgens and Londis as forecourt retailers too. Forecourts represent a significant and growing number of stores and we will continue to develop our brands and drive new initiatives for forecourts."

The company has created a Musgrave Forecourt Forum, where it works with its most successful forecourt retailers to recognise best practice and analyse ranging and availability issues. It has also developed a 'space matrix' to calculate the optimum use of space for every new and refitted forecourt. Ranges had been developed for key categories, using forecourt-specific planograms and a promotional plan to drive offers, said Smith, and forecourt promotional leaflets were also available for both the Budgens and Londis brands.

"We're planning to drive the forecourt business in 2010 through improved till execution and promotions, and macro and micro space changes," he added.