Nestlé has vowed to end its use of palm oil from non-sustainable sources.

The manufacturing giant, which includes palm oil as an ingredient in many of its confectionery and dairy products, said it would use only certified-sustainable palm oil from 2015. The Swiss company currently uses 0.7% of the global supply each year, equating to 320,000 metric tonnes per annum.

The move comes in the wake of a new report by the WWF on major palm oil buyers, which said a number of European food and drink companies should do more to reduce their consumption of oil from non-sustainable sources.

The report commended Sainsbury’s for putting in place a sustainability policy, while Marks & Spencer remains a member of the conservation body’s own sustainability scheme. Confectioner Cadbury and consumer products giant Unilever were also both praised for efforts to limit their environmental impact.

But Kingsmill maker Associated British Foods was ranked in the lowest tier of companies for sustainability, scoring 0 out of a possible 29 on the WWF scorecard. Premier Foods scored 15 to place in the second-highest tier.

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