Nestlé has provoked the ire of North Yorkshire Police with its new building development plans.

The force claims Nestlé’s multimillion-pound construction plans in York do not include sufficient anti-crime measures and would spark an increase in criminal activity.

The Kit-Kat maker plans to redevelop some of its old factory buildings, to create community housing, offices and shops but failed to liaise with the local constabulary to ensure the proposals were safe, according to York Press.

Police concerns included a play area deemed too near housing, which could encourage antisocial behaviour.

“There are crime and disorder implications associated with the proposed layout of this development that need to be addressed by the developer,” said Jim Shanks, the force’s architectural liaison officer.

A Nestlé spokesman said the company had worked “extremely closely” with the City of York Council on the plans.

“We will continue to work closely with the planning department to agree any amendments that will be necessary to enable the application to move forward to committee,” he said.

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