Discount food retailer

Netto this week appointed Richard Lancaster, trading and marketing director of Sainsbury's convenience business, as its new UK MD from 2 January.

Lancaster left Sainsbury's on 20 October after deciding not to move to its Holborn headquarters in London when it relocated the bulk of its convenience team from Hull. He said: "I'm delighted with the new role at Netto. It will be a big challenge and I look forward to working with the team. I believe I'll be the first British MD of its UK division."

His first month will be spent in Denmark looking at the business and the discount format in Netto's home country, followed by a couple of months in the UK business before he looks to implement any changes.

It is anticipated that Lancaster's experience in local convenience retailing will come to bear. "I don't want to jump to any conclusions but there will be some synergies that can be taken from neighbourhood retailing and put into discount retailing. We will review the proposition."