Robert Wiseman Dairies is pumping £7m into its super dairy at Droitwich to take capacity up to the 500 million litre mark after winning a raft of new business with the multiples.
In a briefing to major institutional shareholders ahead of its year-end on March 29, chairman Alan Wiseman said the company had won 100 million litres' worth of new business in recent weeks.
This comprised new contracts with Safeway in Scotland and England, and with Tesco and Sainsbury in England and Wales ­ amounting to roughly 10% of the company's current volumes.
Sales volumes and turnover for the year were in line with current market expectations, he added, and the company now controlled 17% of the British liquid milk market.
Although the industry is bedevilled by overcapacity, Wiseman's £35m gamble to build 500 million litres of new capacity at Droitwich has paid off, said Wiseman. While the doorstep market is in terminal decline, retail milk was showing steady growth.

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