Tesco looks set to overhaul its Florence & Fred clothing range with the introduction of a raft of sub-brands.

The retailer registered trademarks for five different possible Florence & Fred lines along with logos earlier this month. The potential additions are Blue by F&F, Blue Vintage, Basics, Baby and Kids.

No details were available of the make-up of the brands and a Tesco spokeswoman claimed there were no immediate plans for an overhaul of the range. Adding such trademarks was routine, she said.

The Florence & Fred range currently offers its main range of clothing as well as two sub-brands - Signature and Collection. Tesco also stocks four other ranges - Cherokee, Stone Bay, True and Petite.

Asda carried out a similar revamp of its clothing range in March. In addition to refreshing its main George clothing range, Asda added two sub-brands, Boston Crew and Moda at George.