Shopping for groceries online is often touted as the ideal option for people with no time to go to the shops. But now Ocado has launched a new service for people who don’t even want to spend time choosing their own products.

Instant Order will compile a full basket of goods, based on the kind of products bought before. Customers can then buy the whole lot, tweak the basket, or start from scratch. “We want to make shopping with us as quick and easy as possible,” said Jason Gissing, co-founder of Ocado.

The new service comes as Ocado has revealed the differences in shopping baskets from around the country. Analysis of Ocado’s 180,000 active customers shows Birmingham shoppers buy fewer flowers than anywhere else in the country, with just 1.4% including them in their weekly shop. But they do buy more chips than anywhere else in the country (22% of baskets) and also more pet food (22% of baskets).

Meat eating residents of Milton Keynes buy more bacon (14% more), sausages (11% more), beef (7% more), and chicken (3% more) than anywhere else in the UK. Milton Keynes residents also eat the most crisps - a whopping 40% versus 23% in London. South London has the highest percentage of nappy purchasing in the UK at 18% whereas Liverpool buys just 7%.

Across the UK, the top five products bought at Ocado are bread (74% of baskets), tissues (59%), potatoes (54%), cereal (53%) and apples (42%).