A complete rethink of the news and magazines category at Scottish Mace wholesaler Aberness has had a dramatic impact on the top line. The chain's category manager for news and publications Ian Taylor said some stores had seen a 46% increase in news sales after streamlining the range as part of a trial initiative with John Menzies. The core range' package involved delisting about 100 titles and replacing them with 60 new ones, so that stores stock about 200 top titles, with some regional variations. A new range of PoS material branded Magazines at Mace' promotes titles in hot spots on an ongoing basis, with titles on promotion showing sales increases of over 200%, said Taylor. "As a result of careful range management, about 95% of magazine stock can be full-faced on shelf, with newspapers merchandised in a separate section," he added. "Magazines need to be put in an area where they can be browsed, whereas newspapers will sell more or less anywhere." {{NEWS }}