Sainsbury has played a key role in developing an easy to use scorecard for smaller companies interested in embracing ECR. Scorecards are at the heart of ECR as they help companies benchmark performance and identify supply chain improvements. However, the existing ECR scorecard is often criticised as being too complicated for all but the most dedicated suppliers. Sainsbury's ECR manager David Hatch said the global scorecard was useful for only 20 of its suppliers, so the multiple wanted something appealing to the remaining 2,000. Hatch revealed that 300 companies had started scorecards since tests in February. More than 400 "meaningful" action plans had been identified by suppliers. Projects were in place covering everything from stock management efficiencies to forecasting and better promotional planning. One soft drinks supplier aimed to achieve 99% reliability within six months (compared with 90% now) and a confectionery firm had improved availability by 10%. Sainsbury plans for all SME suppliers to be using the card by March next year. {{NEWS }}