Iceland's internet expertise will be harnessed to help Booker's retailer customers, chief executive Bill Grimsey told the FWD conference. The first stage, he said, involved retailers using the internet to place their orders. Already there are trials in operation at several branches. His ultimate vision was of Booker's customers linking up to branches to "turn Booker into a national chain of retailers", adding that "technology and e-commerce will provide c-stores with considerable opportunities". However, he told The Grocer that the trials were at an early stage and he would not be revealing any more about them until his next statement to the City which is due in June. Grimsey was also more conciliatory towards suppliers than some of the other wholesaler speakers, saying he wished to get away from the traditional adversarial relationship. He said he intended to foster a culture within the business in which boundaries would disappear. This would include a collaborative approach working in partnership with suppliers on areas such as new product development and exploiting efficiencies. Grimsey said his ultimate goal was to make Iceland Group "the biggest and most profitable food and household goods provider in the UK". {{NEWS }}