Sainsbury: IT was a hindrance but we're catching up' says Davis Sainsbury's plan to replatform the IT for its supermarkets is well advanced, group chief executive Sir Peter Davis told the convention. The multiple has outsourced IT functions to Andersen Consulting. First details of the work Andersen will be carrying out should be announced later this month. Sir Peter said: "One of my first impressions when I rejoined Sainsbury was that we had failed to keep up with technology. Our systems are a hindrance, not an enabler." He said 20% of management time had been spent looking at technology, adding: "That's a lot. But we have some catching up to do." Sainsbury, he added, wanted its membership of GlobalNetXchange to reduce supply chain costs. And it is keen to gain more understanding of the customer data that it amasses. In addition, Sir Peter said Sainsbury was on course to merge its Taste for Life web site with Carlton's site to create a "third generation web site" that would excite, entertain and educate consumers. {{NEWS }}