The National Federation of Retail Newsagents has launched an online service that allows members to purchase high-margin non-food items.

Shoplink - - sells products such as children’s books, stickers, flowers, clothing, seasonal goods and £1 lines. Margins range from 36% for flowers, to as much as 56% for children’s books.

The NFRN said “hundreds” of products would be available on the site, with deals including 22 bunches of flowers for £65.72, which could make retailers a profit of £34.10.

“Shoplink has been created by the NFRN to help independent retailers develop their businesses by offering them exciting deals backed by high margins and profits,” said NFRN commercial chairman Ian Shaw.

“Up to now many of these products have only been available in multiple stores, so by launching Shoplink we are giving members the chance to win valuable new sales and so put more money in their tills.”

NFRN national president Alan Smith has been trialling some of the products in his store in Derby. “I have stocked flowers, stationery and books, and all have proved extremely popular and been a talking point in my shop. In today’s highly challenging retailing environment we want to provide our members with all the tools necessary to help them trade as successfully as possible.”