Chilled ethnic ready meals are booming at Nisa-Today's, says trading controller Andy Cowin. "They are a huge success. Our whole chilled ready meal business has grown four-fold in the past 12 months since we replaced a number of brands with our Heritage own label range, driven by ethnic meals which account for over a third of sales. As space is at a premium in our stores, we stick to a small range of the most popular flavours. "We have four Indian and three Chinese meals, plus bagged meals for two at £5.99. The bag concept is very popular and is driving sales, so we are now launching three more bagged meals for one at £3.99. "Ethnic snacks are another big growth area for us, and we are launching an own label range in August, at the same time dropping our branded offer. It will create uniformity across the ethnic range. With our new developments we aim to increase our ethnic food business by 25% by August next year." {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}