Nisa-Today's is to invest £5.6m as part of plans to grow its symbol group this financial year.

It aims to recruit 120 stores that are not currently Nisa members to the Nisa symbol, as well as enticing a further 20 Nisa members convert their stores to the Nisa fascia.

The symbol group is already in strong growth, with store numbers having increased by 27 to 589 over the past year and sales coming from the symbol group up 20% to £308m.

The new package would help to increase growth, said Nisa's symbol group director John Heagney.

"It's crucially important to develop our symbol and we are putting enormous effort into it," he said. "The Nisa name is not as well known as other brands, but we are carving a niche for ourselves in the market. Our total package is very strong. We have the lowest cost, the broadest products and the strongest promotional programme going."

Nisa has created several new positions to support the expansion, including store development managers, store merchandisers, a symbol marketing support manager and a business development manager.

It is also overhauling its loyalty package, under which rewards are paid to symbol group members. The gold standard is to be replaced with a new diamond one and the rebate increased from 0.75% to 2%, while the silver standard will be replaced with a platinum one and the rebate increased from 0.5% to 1%.