Nisa-Today’s has stopped delivering to Tesco’s One Stop almost two years after the c-store chain was taken over by the multiple.
Stephen Hunter, MD of logistics at Nisa-Today’s, confirmed: “Before Tesco purchased T&S almost two years ago, Nisa-Today’s held the contract to deliver freeze products to all 848 T&S stores in the country. Nisa-Today’s decided to continue its deliveries to the stores until the full transition to Tesco One Stop had taken effect. As such, deliveries to Tesco One Stop ended on July 26.”
He added: “Nisa-Today’s is committed to continuing deliveries wherever they provide commercial benefits for its members.”
Nisa-Today’s would still supply Sainsbury at Bells and Jacksons, he said, adding that supplying the multiples created an uplift that maximised cost efficiencies for members.
However, several Nisa-Today’s members admitted it was difficult to reconcile Nisa-Today’s proud boast to be the ‘guardians of independence’ with the fact that it also supplied the multiples. One said: “If there has been a problem with Nisa-Today’s, it is that it has tried to be all things to all men.”