From Neil Turton, MD of group commercial, Nisa-Today’s

SIR; I thought John Fingleton’s comments in last week’s issue of The Grocer were inappropriate and disappointing, considering the recent rebuke that was issued by the Competition Appeal Tribunal.
Fingleton needs to demonstrate more of an open mind and, when he
holds such a senior official position, recognise that there is more to the subject of competition than short-term price factors.
He has an opportunity to dispel the OFT’s ‘Office for Tesco’ image and must act according to his mandate, which needs only reasonable suspicion that features of a market are distorting competition.
I would add that Fingleton’s comment about not rewarding “the winner of a race with an electric shock” is particularly misguided, in my opinion.
He takes for granted that the race was fairly handicapped in the first place.
We were hoping for a more balanced view from Fingleton in his first major interview with a business magazine.
He should be aware that our sector will continue to fight for what we believe to be right, directly via the Association of Convenience Stores and, if required again, through the Competition Appeal Tribunal.