Nisa-Today’s has run online auctions covering contracts worth more than £30m since 2002, with average savings of 22%, claimed the buying group.
The figures were released as Nisa-Today's extended its contract with online auction host FreeMarkets for a further three years.
Auctions to date have been held on products from meat, beverages and paper tissues to services such as voice systems maintenance and manned security, said Neil Turton, MD at Nisa Central Buying Company.
Turton explained that as the central buying organisation for a large number of retailers and wholesalers, Nisa-Today’s recognised early on the value of technology-based solutions that could increase the transparency and speed of negotiations.
FreeMarkets senior vice-president for international operations, Daryl Rolley, said: “By embracing technology as a core part of its operations, Nisa-Today’s has created great value for its members.”