Tesco aims to source more products from emerging markets such as the Indian sub-continent and the former USSR satellites.
Tesco's head of international supply chain Sean Feeney said it planned to expand non-food in particular.
"We are looking to buy more non-food at origin. Each season the number [of products] is increasing. There has been 1,000% growth into the UK alone in the past five years."
He told the IGD's International Retail Logistics Conference that manufacturers, from household goods to egg producers, were asking about supplying Tesco from eastern Europe. Exporting Tesco's own label was also starting to prove more successful in the chain's markets. Its baked beans are sold in eight other countries ­ in Taiwan they are eaten with rice.
However, he admitted Tesco had initially looked at achieving scale "at the wrong end".
"We tried to find products that would appeal to large numbers of people in different countries. We forgot that consumers weren't like that. It wasn't a great success and any benefits we received from scale were difficult to identify."
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