Morrisons is the latest retailer to launch 50p fresh food promotions, providing fresh fuel for the summer supermarket price war.

Promising to provide a fresh family meal for £4, the retailer this week claimed it was slashing prices on a further 2,000 products having already made 2,000 cuts in June.

In a high-profile press advertising promotion, Summer Eating Price Crunch, which began earlier this week, Morrisons has cut the price of eight popular items to 50p for seven days.

The reduced products include its own brand of sausages, burgers, steaks, tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce, bread rolls and chicken drumsticks and thighs.

Morrisons said the items were perfect for a series of dinners throughout the week or a great value barbecue for the whole family.

"These are great deals on some of our most popular summer products, which will give customers a real boost," said Martyn Jones, Morrisons group trading director.

Meanwhile, Tesco has made another attempt to win over customers, also slashing the price of a number of products to 50p this week. Ads in national newspapers have the strapline '50p bargains' showing pictures of pork sausages, egg custard tarts, iceberg lettuce, potato wedges, new potatoes and baguettes.

The price war was sparked last month by Asda, which was the first retailer to target the 50p promotion with mince.

Morrisons' pledge of the family meal for £4 undercuts Sainsbury's campaign with Jamie Oliver feeding a family for a fiver.