Sainsbury should ditch Jamie Oliver and completely reappraise its marketing strategy, say branding experts following news that the retailer is reviewing its ad account.
The review by Helen Buck, director of brand communications,will identify agencies capable of handling the £45m above-the-line account. It will only progress to a full pitch if a “worthy challenger” to current agency AMV BBDO emerges, said Buck.
Discussions are also in progress with brand ambassador Jamie Oliver about the renewal of his contract, which expires in May, she added.
A senior executive at one ad agency considering a pitch, said: “Jamie Oliver has to go. He’s done great things for the brand since he
arrived, but he’s associated with the past.” And Ian Moore, founder of The Blue Chip Marketing Consultancy, said Sainsbury should also change its ‘Making Life Taste Better’ strapline and build on its recent price-driven ads with a ‘cheaper than you think’ tactic. “You can see why they have gone down the quality line, but it’s not working.”