As Martin Beaumont, chief executive of United Co-op commented ruefully, she is probably the most famous sheep in the country after his anecdote about her appeared in this column last year. I'm happy to be able to report that although she did not make the perfect household pet, she has been successfully integrated into her flock, and has even given birth to a lamb who has been christened Bovril. Talking about fame, I almost became Margaret Beckett's right hand man (well, woman) for an evening when I picked up the name badge for one of Mrs B's advisors at a Sainsbury's bash in Westminster on Monday. Searching in vain for a tag bearing a name corresponding with my own, I grabbed the closest one and almost made it through the door before I was stripped of my new exalted status. On to Downing Street for Tony Blair's summit (sorry, seminar) with the great and good of the food chain. Joining the assembled hacks and snappers assembled in front of the PM's front door I was amazed to see how seriously the guests were taking the occasion. Only the Soil Association's Patrick Holden, seemed to want to smile. And even Mrs Beckett (who arrived late) found it hard to break into a grin. But then up stepped the ubiquitous farmers' leader, Ben Gill, with a customary beam. So lighten up you grocery folk. It's not everyone that gets to use the Blairs' downstairs loo. {{COUNTERPOINT }}