Sir, I'm writing in response to your article on Sainsbury's winning The Grocer 33 for service last week.

Although Sainsbury's physical stores are often well stocked and staffed, it's a shame its excellent in-store service is not extended to the online offer. Being short of time, I use Sainsbury's online service and am repeatedly let down when time after time Sainsbury's delivers products that go off the next day or the day after.

I feel it holds online customers to ransom with its extremely short 'best before end' dates.

With every single order there are always several items with very short best before end dates that the drivers do not alert me to. On average, I am forced to throw away up to £20 of produce each week.

Every time I am let down by Sainsbury's, I register my complaint and it simply offers me money off the next shop, binding me to the service just so I can recoup the lost money.

Sainsbury's needs to up its game and fast. Online shopping should be a convenience for busy shoppers, not a gamble.

Jaime Markey, MD, Jam PR, Manchester