Tesco.com wins again: ‘The revolution’s just started’

It is already the UK's largest online retailer, with a share exceeding even its considerable traditional share, which is why it must make frightening reading for its rivals to hear that Tesco thinks its .com business has only just scratched the surface.

Tesco can hardly be accused of having stood still to date. But with a good all-round performance, it's kept up the momentum. Among innovations launched in the past year there's a grocery app allowing smartphone users to shop online on the go. And even scan their purchases in via a barcode straight to their online basket.

The app was downloaded more than 10,000 times in its first 24 hours and now accounts for up to 15% of all visits to the Tesco grocery site online, with over 100,000 unique users a week.

Tesco has also expanded its Click and Collect service for non-food items to cover more than 80% of the population who live within 20 minutes of a store, enabling customers to place orders online and collect the next day.

With Tesco.com already processing more than 500,000 orders a week, we can surely expect many more intiaitives to follow, not least as Tesco looks to leverage the power of its Clubcard online.

Chief executive Philip Clarke last week laid down the gauntlet, saying the biggest challenge facing the company was how it adapts to the new age of digital.

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