Rocketing sales of power toothbrushes have prompted initatives by Sainsbury and Asda. Sainsbury has rolled out a dedicated 4ft power toothbrush fixture in 15 stores. Oral care buyer Colin Morrison said sales soared at Christmas when prices of Philips and Braun rechargeable toothbrushes were slashed by half. "New model rechargeables are coming in at £19.99, while the entry point for battery models is £9.99 for Johnson & Johnson's Reach and £12.99 for Colgate Actibrush," said Morrison. "With prices like these, a new market has been opened up for us. Growth is phenomenal and with relatively low household penetration, the market will grow significantly." The new power zone' bay will be sited in the oral care fixture to educate consumers on the range available. Asda is extending its range of power toothbrushes, having established strong demand in the pre-Christmas period when it offered Actibrush at £12.99 and Braun Oral B rechargeable at £13.99 (from £29.99). A spokeswoman said: "We are moving into it in a bigger way with more range variations." - See Focus, p47. {{NEWS }}