Sir; There will be many and varied views on the news that the major supermarkets are moving into organic box schemes ('Organic box offers from Tesco and JS', The ­Grocer, 5 August, p51).

Looking at the wider picture, what it proves overall is the power of the consumer to shift retailers in the direction they want them to go.

The success of organic box schemes in promoting fresh, locally sourced food is not something we should expect the supermarkets to ignore.

Whether they have the credentials to convince the informed organic shopper that they are meeting the organic ethos is now a matter for them and how they conduct themselves in delivering this service. While the supermarkets wield immense buying power, this should not prevent smaller operations from striking supply deals with their own local producers and we believe there should be room in the market for both - to the advantage of everyone.

What is increasingly clear is that the appetite for organic food and all of its advantages continues to grow apace and we now need more of our farming colleagues to take a long hard look at the opportunities organic might afford their businesses. If we are to continue to meet this demand we need more entrants to the sector, particularly on the arable front, where we are facing imminent shortages.