Waitrose organic sales growth has slowed down since the foot and mouth crisis, said Waitrose organic co-ordinator Alan Wilson. He said: "There has been a slowing down in growth in the organic sector at Waitrose over the last six months. "Organic was showing year- on-year growth of 25% at the start of the year, and it's now 15%. This time last year it was growing 40% year-on-year. "The question is whether organic can continue to grow even at these slower rates. Food scares are a major driver for organics." But Wilson said that Waitrose remained committed to organics, and believed it was right that organically produced food should attract a price premium. He said Waitrose taught its buyers about the dynamics of the organic sector and the increased costs of products. It paid market rate for a product reflecting the cost of production, and then added its normal mark up. Wilson said: "Squeezing the man in the middle is short-sighted." {{NEWS }}