Good to see that Tesco bosses are reading The Grocer.

You may remember that in our April 1 issue we ran a feature explaining how Tesco could avoid a backlash - and one of our ten suggestions in that piece was to 'Go Greener'.

So we were obviously thrilled to see Sir Terry Leahy announce that Britain's top retailer was creating a £100m environment fund when publishing its annual results this week.

Not everybody is falling over in admiration of this development.

The Friends of the Earth supermarket campaigner Sandra Bell was quick to have a go: "Tesco is still a long way from being a truly green company. It is hard to see how it is ever going to get there."

But we think Tesco's initiative should be welcomed.

Now, if only we could next persuade Tesco executives to go really green and start driving Toyota Prius eco-cars as well.