A re-run of our original shopping list on its fifth anniversary highlighted the difficulties that are still unresolved. Overcharging, undercharging, aisle congestion and the inevitable out of stock problems keep occurring. Only Somerfield and Safeway checked in full baskets, Safeway being cheapest at £37.52 ­ £1.43 less than Somerfield. Asda was out of basic lines such as cheese and milk, along with small frozen chickens. The latter was also missing from Waitrose, Tesco and the Co-op. Waitrose had no own label canned tomatoes and 100g Nescafé, and this chain and Morrisons still do not stock Piat d'Or. For the third week in a row Somerfield made mistakes at the till. Jersey potatoes became a good buy at 22p/454g when on shelf they were marked as 45p/454g. However, the feelgood effect vanished when tomatoes were overcharged by 20p. Pricier fruit and veg, Kellogg's Corn Flakes, own label baked beans, Flora, Hovis wholemeal and Diet Coke all helped the average weekly basket price to rise to £37.24, up £1.05 on the same period in 2001. Ariel Automatic was available and no dearer than last year, but its weight had dropped from 1.3kg to 1.1kg and it was no longer flagged as an E3 size. l Annual review, pp28,29 {{GROCER 33 }}