I started working for Sainsbury as a graduate trainee in 1990. I am now responsible for the larger 50,000 sq ft-plus stores as well as Future Stores, such as the groundbreaking customer focused store at Hazel Grove, Manchester, and the new Sainsbury's Market at Bluebird on the King's Road.

Do you have any plans to develop stores similar to the King's Road Sainsbury's Market?
We are developing plans for a similar kind of store, which will open in September 2003.
As with Hazel Grove, any successful initiatives from the Sainsbury's Market at Bluebird could be rolled out into the rest of the core estate.
Is Sainsbury developing this new store style partly to shore up its target market as competition increases through consolidation?
Quite simply, no. This new store is a symbol of Sainsbury's commitment to quality and passion for food delivered through product and people.
As with all Future stores, it has been designed in response to customer research and has given us an opportunity to stretch our thinking on product quality, innovation and service.

What interests do you have outside work?
There is nothing nicer than a relaxing glass of wine after work, but I have a little boy and I spend most of my time looking after him, which doesn't leave much time for a glass of wine.